Presentasjon Svalbardturen

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The Svalbard DX-team is today: 

LA7WRA Peter
LB8IH Fredrik
LB8CG Mikhail

LB1RH Lauris

LA4O / JW4O skal til Svalbard

This year, the Oslo group of NRRL is organizing an exciting DX pedition for its members!

The destination is the Kingdom of Norway's northernmost pride Longyearbyen on Svalbard and the plan is to participate in the SAC2020 SSB test from the JW5E club. The shack at Svalbard is already rented from October 8-12.

Do you want to join?

The SAC 2020 SSB test runs October 10-11, but we will be active for as long as possible so that we can take advantage of the unique location and make as many contacts as possible. We will use the signature JW4O (for LA4O), but it will also be possible to use our own signature outside the test period and on tapes that are not included in the test. In addition to radio driving, it is also very exciting to experience and explore Svalbard and the spectacular nature, maybe we get to see both northern lights and polar bears?

Information about the JW5E station can be found here:

More information about JW5E HER

Here is a movie from the QTH at Svalbard : Tour of JW5E

This is from out meeting online regarding to Covid-19: 

I disse koronatider så må vi kjøre planleggingsmøtene på online, men det fungerer også bra

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