La4o is going on its first dx-pedition to Svalbard. We will participate in the SAC contest during 10-11 of October 2020 [ycd_countdown id=69]

The team

The team from La4o that are ready for Svalbard is: LA7WRA Peter LA8FTA Bill LB8IH Fredrik LA8OKA Martin LA7GIA Kenneth LB8CG Mikhail LB1RH Lauris

Presentation of the DX-pedition

Do you want to join the team?

If you are interested in participating, have questions or want to help or assist LA4O Svalbard DX-pedition 2020, just contact the board of the Oslo group. All participants pay for board / lodging and travel themselves. The registration deadline for LA4O Svalbard DX-pedition 2020 is 01.03.2020